We have never accepted credit cards or debit cards. Why should we start now?

The reality is that people today carry less cash. And not only do customers spend 25% more when using bankcards, many will not even consider patronizing a business that does not accept bankcards as a payment option.

Bankcards are safer to carry than cash or checks. They are also more secure for you as a merchant to process payments. Your cash is susceptible to theft. Your bankcard payments are not.

I am under contract with a different processor. What can you do about that?

Most often, the buyout on a processing contract is minimal—about $200 to $300. Because CMS Bankcard Services can save you thousands of dollars per year, buying out your old contract is well worth it.  Let us provide you a free forensic analysis of your statements to show you the savings.

I lease my terminal. Am I locked in?

We can show you how to exit early from your lease agreement. The savings you will receive by getting out of a bad lease is often in the thousands of dollars. When you switch to our terminals, you get the best technology available in the market and our full warranty.

How long is your contract?

The standard processing agreement for bankcard processing is 3 years.

Are there any hidden fees?

NO! CMS Bankcard will guarantee that there is never a hidden fee in our contracts. While changes from Visa / MasterCard / Discover / American Express can and do change, our monthly fees will never deviate from your contract. Never!


What is check processing?

What is check processing? 
“Check processing” can mean several different things. There are Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) programs, check guarantee programs, and check verification programs.


Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) – RDC is backroom truncation of checks. Your accounts receivable department will no longer spend countless hours photocopying and processing checks, nor waste precious time traveling to and from the bank. With RDC, you can deposit over 30 checks per minute, remotely from your office. Deposits are available the next business day and can be deposited until 8:00pm. NSF’s are caught quickly and are less expensive than a traditional bank.

Check Guarantee – Check guarantee is made for c-store and retail applications. When the consumer pays with a check, check guarantee determines if those funds are immediately available in the check writer’s account, and transfers the money from that account.

Check Verification – Check Verification is also made for c-store and retail applications. When the consumer hands a check to your counter person, the checking account information is run through several databases to determine if the check writer has a history of bouncing checks. This will greatly eliminate bounced checks and chasing down NSF’s.


How much does it cost to get an ATM in my business?

NOTHING! Sign up for CMS Bankcard Services’ popular, turn-key, “no hassle” option and we’ll take care of everything with no additional work or cost to you. All you do is get paid! Some locations may even be eligible to get paid for the space. We provide ATMs to various venues including retail locations, concerts, and events.


What is the advantage of offering gift or loyalty cards

Our custom branded gift and loyalty card program can increase your profitability by attracting new customers, increasing brand awareness, and promoting customer loyalty. Easy to set up, and with very little effort required to maintain, our program automatically tracks card issuance and redemption, allowing for effortless monitoring. Gift and loyalty cards also create destination vs. impulse purchases, eliminates paper-based fraud, and eliminates “cash-back” for returned merchandise.

How much do gift and loyalty cards costs?

As with all products, there are varying costs based on artwork, number of anticipated transactions, and what program works best for you. Contact us today to further discuss your needs. You can have a gift-only program, or a loyalty-only program, or a combination of both.

Can I design my own gift and loyalty cards?

Yes! We can include your corporate logo or any other design you’d like. Or, we have pre-made templates available for many industry specific applications.

What are the advantages of gift cards and/or loyalty cards over paper “gift certificates”?

Paper gift certificates are very susceptible to fraud, theft, and loss. Paper gift certificates are rarely personalized and customers will often want cash back for the value of an unused balance on the certificate. 


We offer pre-paid gift cards as an added-value item you can sell in your c-store or retail location. Pre-paid Visa and Discover cards can be loaded with cash. We also have pre-paid gift cards for popular retail locations such as restaurants and department stores. Pre-paid cards do not cost you anything and are only validated at your register. We also offer free terminals to activate the cards to qualified merchants.