In Bellaire or driving past Bellaire? Grab dinner at Max’s! He’s set up on 32nd St right beside route 7 (turn by Marathon.) ... See MoreSee Less

In Bellaire or driving past Bellaire? Grab dinner at Max’s! He’s set up on 32nd St right beside route 7 (turn by Marathon.)Image attachmentImage attachment

We just wanted to let you know that during these trying times, we are still open. We are working from home but have full access to tech support and are still accepting applications for processing. These are times when you do need a locally based processor. We can add a shopping cart to your website or offer you mobile processing at a lower rate than Square. We also have funding available to help keep your business moving forward.

Stay strong and vigilant out there. And please let us know if we can help.
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SCAM ALERT: Over the last few days of the Covid19 crisis, we have received calls or emails from our merchants regarding calls they are receiving from solicitors. These solicitors claim you are overpaying and will proceed to ask for personal information including your bank account numbers and social security number. These are scams! Do not give out your information! These people are no different than the ones calling saying your auto warranty expired.

As you know, we will be available to you during this crisis. Our phones have been forwarded so that we may answer remotely. We are always available by email. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any question or concern.

While we may not be able to visit you due to the stay at home orders, we are still local. We support local businesses and are greatly looking forward to when we are back to business as usual. Until then, we can very easily set you up with mobile access and even add a payment page to your existing website - most of these services are included as part of your processing.

Stay safe!

CMS Bankcard Services Team
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With continuing concerns regarding Covid 19, beginning Monday March 23, our staff will be working from home rather than in our Wheeling office. As always, we want to provide the best customer service we can to our family of merchants.
Since our main office will be closed, we ask that rather than leaving voicemails, please contact us by email or We will follow up with any of your questions or concerns during this time. Additionally, tech support lines remain open 24/7. If you need tech support information, please do not hesitate to send us an email.
We hope that this passes quickly and that all of you remain healthy. We appreciate your cooperation and more importantly, your continued trust in our services.
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CMS Bankcard Services would like to give a warm welcome to Fabio's Pizza. You can't stop at the Ohio Valley Mall without stopping into Fabios. Dine in or carry out!
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