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CMS Bankcard Services provides full service credit, debit, EBT, and check processing in addition to ATM placement, gift card, reward card, and prepaid card programs. We are also your internet shopping cart and mobile payment solution with easy set up, accounting software integration, and the latest tools.

We never charge a fee to find savings for you, and applying for any of our services is also always free.

Simply fax or email your last two statements to CMS Bankcard Services. We will do a FREE financial forensic analysis to show you the savings we can provide to you.

Are you or your business new to bankcard processing, ATMS, or online selling? Click here for our FAQ to get you started or contact us for help every step of the way.

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How Credit and Debit Card Processing Works:

How Transactions Work

1. The cardholder pays merchant for purchase and the merchant runs the card through the terminal.
2. The terminal submits the transaction through merchant account to the acquiring bank.
3. The transaction flows through the corresponding card brand to cardholder’s issuing bank.
4. The issuing bank verifies the card number, the transaction type, and the amount.  It then reserves that amount of the cardholder’s credit limit for the merchant.
5. An authorization will then generate an approval code.  This code is then passed back through the system and stored within the transaction file inside the terminal.

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CMS Bankcard Services is a full service Independent Sales Organization (ISO) specializing in bankcard processing (credit and debit cards), check processing, ATM services, gift cards, prepaid cards, EBT, and online shopping carts. CMS Bankcard Services has Learn more...